One hundred and fifty protesters out of a student body of thousands does not a well-supported protest make.

But that’s how many showed up for the protest against having former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice giving the commencement speech and receiving an honorary doctorate at this year’s Rutgers graduation ceremony.

In fact it was something like out of the late 60s and 70s protests on college campuses as the protestors staged a sit-in at the Old Queens Building leaving at around 6:30 in the evening after being denied water and use of the bathrooms.

I will say this – no arrests and they seemed to give in rather quickly.

So much for commitment!

Now that's true democracy in action – denying someone who’s politics are opposite yours the ability to speak.

Yes, the students who staged the protest really learned something by their protest – that censorship is alive and well at Rutgers.

Funny how Snooki was given a forum but Condoleezza Rice – not so much.