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3) Now that Hostess is going out of business…the price of Twinkies skyrockets online…what’s your favorite junk food snack….present day or back in the day?

4) There’s speculation that Newark Mayor Cory Booker is going to decide soon whether he'll challenge Chris Christie for Gov. seat…in a hypothetical match, who would you vote for?

5) An Assembly committee’s considering a bill that would allow mentally disabled people to register with AG's office in case they have a run in with the cops. This is in response to a 2009 incident where a mentally disabled man was beaten by cops who weren’t aware of his disability.

Do you feel there should be a registry of the mentally disabled with the Attorney General’s office?

7) Ever catch a peeping tom outside your house… Dover, neighbors of one person helped catch a peeping tom with his fly down!

8) Have you ever cursed out a cop and how did that go for you?

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