So why the hang up with religion in the schools? In Phillipsburg a man loses his job because he gave a bible to a student.  Yet every morning, the students begin their day with ‘One nation under God” and the currency they exchange to buy their books and pencils says “In God We Trust”

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I think public schools should go the other way and teach religions, at least the major ones. Not from a spiritual, converting point of view, but from an educational one. You can learn a lot about a people by understanding what they believe. Such understanding can go along way as far as getting along. The student may even find it interesting like they would history, and isn’t that what religion is?


You could teach a different religion every semester, including Catholicism, Judiasm, then Muslim and Buddism, or whatever else the school chooses. If the student becomes sold on the new beliefs that  they learn, that they convert and end up happy for the rest of their lives, so be it. What if the student with the bible were to embrace it so much that he’s able to do great things because of his new found beliefs, would that be so bad? What is everyone so worried about? I think that since religion is such a part of our history and makeup that it should definitely be taught in school? How about you? What do you think?

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