First of all the teacher should be disciplined not for admonishing students whispering in another language, but for calling English "American." She was subbing in a math class, but she normally teaches ENGLISH! Wow.

A lot is being made of many of these students speaking a language other than English at home since many come from Hispanic backgrounds. My parents spoke a foreign language at home, but in school they spoke English and would be admonished by teachers if they spoke their language in the classroom. The teacher in the Cliffside Park incident handled the situation poorly and her grammar and civics need a serious upgrade. However, her point is a good one.

Whether you're a guest or a newcomer here, know that English is the dominant language and you will need a good command of it to prosper here. The kids doing it know they're getting over on the teacher and subverting her authority. They lacked the proper respect any authority figure should be shown. I speak a couple of languages and I sometimes use them to avoid someone knowing what I'm saying. It happens all the time, but if you're in a classroom and are asked to stop, you should stop.

It's a matter of respect. But we don't value respect, we value "multiculturalism", which is tearing at the fabric of society as much as the virtue signaling morons amongst us choose to ignore. A predominant language is one of the few things that hold that fabric together. I love other cultures, customs and languages and think it makes you a deeper and more well rounded person to learn as much as you can about them.

The school officials were asking the students what they thought of the situation and what should be done. WTF? The school should address the teacher and her issues. They should also address the students and remind them where they are, an American school, where they should show respect and an appreciation for their adopted country. Other waves of immigrants were not catered to, supported or coddled like some of the current crop that have chosen to come here.

Rather than that warmth and generosity being met with appreciation, it seems instead it's being met with a sense of entitlement and disdain. No wonder, the morons in academia have been feeding them a steady diet of that for years. It's a sad situation in our schools, but they only have themselves to blame.

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