Fantasy football has caught on big time in New Jersey. It got even bigger when sites like Fanduel and Draft Kings allowed you to change your teams on a weekly basis. People seem to be winning money like crazy!

In fact, it’s getting so big that even the National Football League, which took New Jersey to court over trying to legalize sports betting, is totally on board with fantasy football.

So how does New Jersey figure into this? Well in a recent article on our website, Jersey U.S. Senator Bob Menendez and Congressman Frank Pallone are calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate fantasy football betting websites like FanDuel and Draft Kings, and create tough new regulations to ensure the websites are playing by the rules.

What I’m saying is take it one step further. What if New Jersey and other states got into the fantasy football business complete with weekly payouts?

New Jersey is already has the lottery and the horse racing. How hard could it be to have state-run fantasy football? You could play through the state the same way you play through the league you're in right now. As for how hard would it be to run? Just ask the commissioner of your fantasy league. I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard for the state to woo someone from Draft Kings or Fanduel or a geek in his mother's basement to make it happen.

What’s also great about the idea behind New Jersey fantasy football is that the NFL couldn’t have any problem with it since it’s already happening. In fact they may even endorse it.

I think it's a great idea, how about you? You know the old saying “If you can’t beat them, join them." How would you feel about the state of New Jersey setting up their own fantasy football league?