Jim has been talking about a poll on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, where Christie's latest approval numbers stand at 50%. What was most troubling though, was not the approval or disapproval numbers as much as it was the 21% of people polled that offered no opinion on the governor.

Shouldn't everyone at least have some opinion on the governor, who is starting his 2nd term, whether it be good or bad?

Pollster Patrick Murray, joined Jim this morning to discuss the poll and what that 21% means to Governor Christie.

Murray explains that the 21% doesn't necessarily mean those polled have no opinion on the governor, it means that they don't know what to make of him. That 21% may not have trusted or believed the governor up until Bridgegate and still don't know what to make of him now, as the scandal gets sorted out.

You can listen to the entire interview with Patrick Murray in the audio player below.