Motorcycles are everywhere for sure.

I was inspired to discuss on the show this morning because Jodi and I came up on an accident in the opposite lane on the divided roadway into Atlantic City over the weekend.  The bike was down and a man lay in the middle of the street.  Thankfully he was moving before the First Responders were able to get to the scene.

Two takeaways from what we saw.  First, I was proud of my fellow drivers as no fewer than a dozen people stopped and got out to halt traffic and tend to the injured rider.  It's nice to see strangers step up to help one another.  Second, it's awfully dangerous to ride a motorcycle on Jersey roads.

Again, driver training really doesn't address motorists looking out for bikes.  Too many riders take the dangerous steps to ride up the center lane or around traffic on the shoulder.  I'm not a rider, but I have many friends that are.  What if NJ enacted "Motorcycle- Friendly Roads" like we've done with trucks and had specific routes that should be taken where signs and ads would alert people that this is a "Bike-friendly" route?

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