Should New Jersey be giving welfare to addicts? Governor Christie says no and rejected a bill that would have allowed childless adults convicted of drug offenses to quality for welfare benefits.

But the Governor did suggest an amendment that would only qualify those who haven't sold drugs. State Senator Joseph Vitale brings up the fact that there are dealers who are themselves addicted.

I spoke with Former Hamilton councilman and founder of City Of Angels  Kevin Meara, who helped create the Heroin Opiate Task Force in Mercer County. Meara thinks that you have to separate the cases. Were they just using? Were they dealers? Were the selling just to support their own habit?

When I asked Meara about his feelings towards the veto, Meara stated "Welfare is for the people in the lowest situations anyway, so I think you're going to have to look it. I think the governor has to come around a little more on this, especially if someone has completed treatment."

Listen to my full interview with Meara in the YouTube clip above.

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