By Jeff Deminski

William Weimer is the vice-president of Phantom Fireworks out of Youngstown Ohio and he recently has taken to editorial pages writing letters in support of New Jersey lifting it's ban on fireworks sales. He says it is time New Jersey steps into the 21st century and follow the lead of 46 other states to make some level of consumer fireworks legal. According to Weimer, fireworks are now being manufactured safer than ever. (They're still designed to explode, aren't they?) And the sale of consumer fireworks would raise badly needed money for the government. (So would heroin and prostitution)

He also points out from 1994 to 2011 the number of fireworks related injuries has dropped from 12,500 to 9,600. (That's not still a lot?) Those numbers come from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

There are only 4 states, New Jersey being one of them, that has an outright ban on all consumer fireworks. Should that change?

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