Bummed by New Jersey's minimum wage? Here's why you shouldn't be.

Legislators say a hike in the wage isn't coming anytime soon. Check out the video below to hear why I think eliminating the minimum wage is good for our economy.

Allison from Old Bridge said eliminating the minimum wage will harm people by not providing enough money for people to live on.

Joe from Princeton, however, said raising the minimum wage won't change a thing because there will always be a "minimum" that you can earn, regardless of the dollar value.

Do you think the Garden State should do away with the minimum wage, keep it the same, or raise it? Take our poll and comment below to voice your opinion.

Bill Spadea is the host of the Chasing News TV program. He periodically fills in for NJ 101.5 show hosts, and you can daily hear his opinion about all things New Jersey here, or by tweeting @BillSpadea.

Bill is subbing for Jim Gearhart.