After a fatal Route 18 accident that involved drunk driving in 2013, Martell's Tiki Bar is now facing a liquor license suspension and major fines. But who really should be held responsible?

Andy Dean, ThinkStock

In a horrific accident that involved drunk driving back in 2013, reports that Martell's is being fined $500,000 and will be having their liquor license suspended for a month as well. With such a big fine and negative media attention from the lawsuit, Dennis and Michele discussed how fair it was to be punishing the popular Pt. Pleasant bar for the incident.

Dennis was curious about the concept of personal responsibility. He expressed his condolences to the woman who lost her life during the tragedy, but he also acknowledged the importance of understanding that this woman was ultimately the cause of the accident, not the bar itself. Sure, she got drunk there, but he believes that if they're going to blame the bar for people's irresponsible drinking habits, then we should prohibit bars from selling any alcohol at all! He thinks the current laws are completely unfair.

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