I spoke this morning at great length about a group of unionized public workers that failed to show up for work on Saturday during the blizzard. The absences left snow plows idle and many roads throughout the town going untouched.

Public works director Alvin Burge is in hot water, with an online petition started to seek Burge's removal from his job on Change.org.

My take is that if this was done purposefully for union posturing in contract negotiations, every single one of those workers needs to be fired. The workers ultimately have to take their lead from the union but whoever the decision-makers are for the unions, need to be ousted immediately if this was a purposeful act.

A caller named Kevin from Edison, who identified himself as an attorney in negotiations for the worker's union in Lakewood, called in to the show to discuss his thoughts on the actions of the union as well.

Listen to my thoughts I gave on air, as well as the call with Kevin from Edison, in the YouTube clip below.

Do you think these employees should be fired? Cast your vote below.

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