It’s pretty rare that you’d hear of a K-9 police dog biting its partner, but that’s exactly what’s happened to Ventnor Police Officer Jamie Pirchio.

According to a report in the Press of Atlantic City her partner Niko bit her, causing her to require surgery. She is now on medical leave and the dog is in a kennel upon determination as to whether it should be returned to service.

Seeing is how these dogs are specifically trained to perform in high stress situations, once a dog like this bites its partner, I’d imagine the dog would be of no use to the department. Unless the dog can be retrained - if it can be retrained at all.

Well, given the costs associated with training and housing the dog, plus the fact that the dog was “distracted” while eating – one would have to imagine that it wouldn’t be too long until another “perfect storm” might be brewing.

Could the department afford to put another police officer in the hospital while keeping Niko on the force.

It’s a pity this happened – as there are so many stories of how animals like this will give their lives for their partners.

However it seems to me Niko’s not fit for the job.

Should a police K-9 that bit its partner be returned to service?