We live in at least 2 different states.

North and South Jersey – and as always comes up, never the twain shall meet.

There are actually 3, if you count the fact that, besides North and South Jersey, there is a Central Jersey with its own culture.

God knows how long it’s been bandied about, knowing full well it’ll probably never happen.

Just like the secession my “producer extraordinaire” Jaysonic would like to see happen, albeit on a smaller scale.

He wants his home county Middlesex to secede from the rest of the state.
And yes, there’s precedent. It’s been talked about on the west coast.

One California county declares secession with possibly more on the way.

Earlier this month, Downtrend covered Siskiyou County’s declaration of secession from The Golden State, noting that it hopes others in Northern California and Southern Oregon will join it in a new state called “Jefferson.” It didn’t take long to get its wish.

The Record Searchlight reported Tuesday that the Modoc County Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 to join nearby Siskiyou County in the new state of Jefferson.

According to the report, about 40 people showed up to the standing-room-only board meeting. About a dozen spoke in favor of the measure while only two raised objections, clearly demonstrating popular support for splitting from the Democrat-controlled state.

Importantly, this is only a first step in the secession process. The current two counties as well as any others that join must ultimately gain approval from the state Legislature and US Congress.

While Modoc and Siskiyou Counties face an immense uphill battle to win their freedom, their actions thus far speak volumes of the growing liberty movement in the United States. Some counties in Colorado have a similar movement in progress to form the state of “North Colorado” and they’re even further along. Let’s hope at least one is successful or, at the very least, forces meaningful change in their respective states.

So if it could happen out there, what are the chances of it happening here?

Would you be in favor of New Jersey splitting up into 2 or perhaps 3 separate states?