A new bill would prohibit advertisers of 'inappropriate' products from posting their ads on websites where kids could see them. 


Senator Shirley Turner wants to keep cigarette, alcohol, gun, tattoo and drug paraphernalia advertisements from showing up on webpages. Kids are using technology more today than they did in the past, and are easily influenced. This bill hopes to stop kids from being introduced to inappropriate products at such a young age.

Do we need a bill like this? Some argue that this is unnecessary because parents can monitor their children's internet usage, and there are parental controls that would stop these advertisements from showing up. They also claim that the advertisements do not play a role in kids using drugs, alcohol, or any of these other items down the road in their life.

Others feel that this bill is important in a time where kids are wrapped up in their media devices, and advertisements for inappropriate products play a large role in kids making bad decisions.

Do you think this bill is needed? Or will kids ultimately make their own decisions regardless of advertisements?