I’ll go politically correct for the time being.

The other night, around 200 undocumented immigrants showed up at St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral in Camden to rally for a bill giving them driving privileges in New Jersey.

Among the group were parents who said they needed the permits in order to be able to drive their kids to doctor’s appointments without fear of being pulled over without documentation.

The bill was proposed by Democrats in both houses of the legislature which would allow individuals who can’t prove they live in the United States legally with permits allowing them to do so.

It’s a thorny situation – very simply because here in New Jersey we have over 900 thousand non-citizens who at any given time are driving without licenses – which would mean without insurance.

Thorny still because they’d need to go to work and the only means of transportation many of them have is to drive.

But opponents say that’s too bad – and if citizens have to abide by the 6 point license application process – then why should non-citizens be able to skirt it.

According to philly.com:

The report quoted one volunteer, Zoraida Ossa, as saying driving rights would boost the economy because the people benefiting would buy cars and get auto insurance. Of course Zoraida is assuming that once these immiigrants get licenses, they’d automatically go out and get insurance. There’s no guarantee pf that.

After all, most of these non-citizens are here illegally.
And the position opponents take: namely "the bill would reward people living in the country illegally," is valid.

But before you say, “send them all back” – do you feel that position is practical given the fact that there are 11 million illegals living in this country and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency moves at a snail’s pace to deport illegals?

Thorny issue indeed.