If you listen to the show, you're probably aware that I am a very big Yankee fan. I try to represent my team as much as I can. My credit card and wallet both have Yankee logos. My iPhone and laptop wallpapers are both Yankee related. The back of my car's windshield also contains the Yankee logo in decal form.

On Saturday, my cousin and I are driving up to Boston for the night. Before we take in the New England nightlife, we will be attending a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. I plan on driving to the ballpark, but Jeff and Bill both think I should take the Yankees decal off before I head up there. They think my car could be vandalized. Jeff fears the worst case scenario where my back windshield is smashed in.

Obviously, Yankees and Red Sox fans are considered arch rivals, but I still have faith that my car will come away unscathed. Partially because it's not a Yankees vs. Red Sox game and also because I don't think Red Sox fans are all that bad if you're not antagonizing them.

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