It truly does suck to be out of work, and assuming you're unemployed, how long has it been?

And do you feel like employers are discriminating against you for being unemployed?

Well, there’s a bill in the legislature being proposed that would ban employers from discriminating against you if you’ve been unemployed.

No doubt you feel it’s unfair for any employer to hold it against you for being out of work – given the state of economy.

But doesn’t the employer have the right to make that decision on his or her own without the State interfering with how their business is run?

Again, a tough question for you to answer if you’ve been out of work and have tried and tried to get back on your feet, but to no avail.

“Over the last few years, we have seen record numbers of unemployed New Jerseyans simply stop looking for work, and I believe discrimination of the unemployed is contributing to this problem,” state Sen. Peter Barnes (D-Middlesex), said in a press release.

Barnes continues:


“When someone continues to be shut out of employment opportunities, not because they aren’t qualified for the position, but rather because they have hit a period of bad luck, these individuals may become discouraged and stop actively-looking for work.”


"Unfair" is the first word that comes to mind when I think of the plight of the unemployed who have made every attempt to find work – only to be turned away by prospective employers due to their employment status.

It’s ridiculous for employers to hold that against them; but if you’re a business person, you’d see it differently.

That is, the State telling you who you can and can’t hire – and fining you if you choose not to hire someone who’s been out of work.

Should employers be forced to hire unemployed job applicants?