When someone shoots up a movie theater like what happened in Colorado, we the people are horrified. We cannot believe something like this could happen in our civilized society and there must be a reason because no one could be that evil.

The politicians jump on the bandwagon and blame the guns, The defense lawyers go for insanity. What we need is for someone to go for the death penalty but the Colorado prosecutor is undecided.

We don’t hear much from those against the death penalty when it comes to this case and rightly so. It’s an argument they can never win.

We also don’t hear enough about the victims, except for a brief back story and the funeral. What we do hear a lot about is the suspect. I promised on New Jersey 101.5 to never mention his name because he doesn’t deserve any press for this act. Each day we know more and more about him, his education, even his family.

We have to look at him sitting in court with his dyed hair that they should shave off. Each day we see the insanity plea take shape. What would be most insane would be if he were to get away with it. This is a smart man we’re dealing with and he is definitely smart enough to set this insanity defense up before he goes down and he must go down.

When this first happened, I wanted the death penalty and I wanted it on You Tube so that the next guy could see what happens to people that think they can get away with it.

The death penalty is not an easy thing to get in this country, for every Timothy McVeigh, there’s a David Berkowitz, or even a Mark David Chapman, who shoots John Lennon and gets a Barbara Walters interview. I will never forgive her for that! But if we’re not going to put this man to death if convicted of killing 12 people and wounding 59 others, I say at least put him in the general population. Let the punished dole out the punishment. Sometimes, there the only ones with guts enough to do it. What do you think?