An atheist Cuban dictator and the Pope shook hands this week. The story sounds like the start to a bad joke, but it's a fact, and one that's ignited controversy.


Are you annoyed at Christie for calling out the Pope? I think the Gov.'s comments were appropriate, and I admire his courage and willingness to speak out for what he believes. Christie's also struggling to find his niche on the presidential campaign trail, so this might help differentiate him among the huge pool of GOP candidates.

Anita, a caller from Hillsborough, pointed out that the Pope is the head of Vatican City, making him like a political leader in many ways.

Not everyone thinks agrees politics and religion go hand-in-hand with the Pope, though. "Christie should mind his own business," said Lisa in Metuchen. "These issues have nothing to do with one another."

Sam from Princeton said he thinks Republicans call out Pope Francis because their viewpoints clash, but the Pope might be doing some good in Cuba.

Carol from Robbinsville said it's the Pope's job to be forgiving, so meeting with Castro could be beneficial if it's to spread the message of redemption.

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