Much has been made about the fact that neither  “Beautiful Mind” mathematician John Nash nor his wife were wearing seat belts when the cab they were riding in hit a guardrail ejecting them from the vehicle and killing them. The fact that the accident happened during the “Click It Or Ticket” campaign has also been brought up. One question I have is why weren’t they wearing it? Especially since New Jersey law requires seat belts for all passengers in the front and rear seats, one would think this would apply to passenger vehicles like cabs as well.

Should it have been incumbent upon the driver to require that the couple buckle up before he started driving?  I think so. They do it on planes, why not taxi’s or any other place that the law requires the wearing of seat belts.

Since it’s against the law to not wear seat belts, if the driver who had only been working there two weeks had been pulled over, he would have been in violation of the law and cost the company money in ticket fines or possible liability. He also could possibly have saved the Nash’s life by enforcing the seat belt law. How do you feel about livery drivers requiring that passengers wear seat belts before they start driving?