Latia Harris, the woman who was caught on video attacking another woman Christine Ferreira, has turned herself in and will now await her time in court. But is Harris the only one who should be behind bars?

(Andy Sacks, Getty Images)

Eric Scott was asking if the individuals that stood around and watched Ferreira be viciously  attacked and did absolutely nothing, should also be arrested. Salem City Police Chief John Pelura III remarked at how disappointing the actions were of the bystanders who decided to record the incident rather than intervene.

Salem County Prosecutor John T. Lenahan has not pursued charges against anyone other than Harris at this point. Should he? If you were the prosecutor in this case would you look to bring charges against all those bystanders who did absolutely nothing to help Ferreria as she lay on the ground getting viciously beaten.

If you haven't seen the video up to this point, you can watch it below.

Please be aware that the video is extremely graphic and may not be suitable for everyone.

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