The other night on the 'Ask the Governor' program, someone asked whether Bridgeton's plan to issue special driver's licenses to illegal immigrants would actually come to fruition. When Eric Scott asked Governor Chris Christie the question, the governor couldn't have been more clear that Bridgeton's plan will not happen.

The fact that a NJ town passed a plan such as this, is mind-boggling. Not only did it pass, it passed unanimously.  Most of the points raised during Bridgeton's meeting were centered around driver safety and understanding the rules of the road.

While understanding the proper rules of the road are important, so is being a a legal immigrant in the country. Do you think having a proper drivers license will motivate someone to become a legal citizen after that?

What do you think? Did you agree with the town of Bridgeton, that we should be issuing these special drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants? Or do you think that this would be an extremely bad idea?

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