I was driving home after last Friday's show on I-195 East, which is two lanes in each direction. I was driving the speed limit in the right lane when I saw a police car on the side of the road with its overhead lights on. I knew I was supposed to move over into the left lane, but the left lane was an unbroken line of cars and no one would let me in. I slowed down and passed the patrol car, which was all by itself: no one was pulled over or being helped.

I went on my way and then I saw the patrol car behind me, still with its lights on. I assumed he was coming after someone else, since I had done nothing wrong, but, unfortunately, he pulled me over. It was a state trooper who, apparently, wasn’t in a good mood. He yelled at me for not moving over for an emergency vehicle on the side of the road with its lights on. I pointed out that I couldn’t move over because the left lane was packed. He then said, “Well, you should have slowed down!” I told him that I DID slow down, and he said, “You didn’t slow down enough!”

He took my documents and went back to the cruiser. When he returned, he said, “I cut you a break on the failure to move over violation, because that’s a mandatory court appearance and points, so I wrote you up for failure to use your turn signal when changing lanes.” Wait a second, wasn’t the entire pretense of pulling me over that I DIDN’T change lanes? How can I then get cited for an improper signal for a lane change I didn’t make? He then pointed out that the improper signal citation involved no points, as if I were supposed to thank him for giving me a lesser charge for something I didn’t do. I know I should fight it, but I don’t think anyone ever wins those battles. What do you think I should do?

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-Bill Doyle

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