As technology keeps advancing, more and more students are in need of computers. Some schools like in Camden, are providing them to their students.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

In fact, with a $178,000 price tag, paid by the state, the Camden School District received: 55 iPad minis, 175 Chromebooks, 26 laptops, three iMacs, two PCs, as well as some accessories, green screens and a mobile smart board.  The third graders get to use the mini i-Pads for class, while the Chromebooks will be for the sixth graders.

Meanwhile at the Village Elementary School students in each classroom received a ChromeBook to use throughout the school day and can take it home to use for homework. The devices are district-funded and cost $300 each.

While it’s great that that the state wants to improve the inner cities with all these benefits, what about the working middle class who are barely making ends meet? Shouldn’t all New Jersey students have access to the same technology regardless of where they live? This is the technology that will play a big part in their futures. Does your school provide Chrome books and iPads?  If so, who pays for them?