Dennis and Judi were discussing the current movement to have Stockton University use the former site of the Showboat Casino as a satellite campus.

The Trump Taj Mahal has blocked the idea in a legal dispute, saying that the property of the Showboat needs to stay a casino.

Dennis and Judi said that whether or not Stockton University takes over the "Stoboat" as they're calling it, it will not be the catalyst that starts the revitalization of Atlantic City.

To really save Atlantic City, Dennis and Judi believe that you have to make things family friendly. Water parks, miniature golf courses, etc. The main idea they stressed on air though, was to use a business model that another famous NJ town used to reinvent itself.

Dennis and Judi suggested that to truly have a resurgence, Atlantic City needs to follow the model that Asbury Park used. Asbury Park had rich, young entrepreneurs move in to the middle of the city and built up the houses and the town. As the town was built up, they moved closer to the boardwalk and eventually rebuilt the beach area as well. But that is the key, building from the city out to the boardwalk, not the other way around.

Do you think he key to success for Atlantic City would be to use Asbury Park as a rebuilding model?

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