You see it all the time on You Tube and you never know when you’re going to be recorded in this golden age of smart phones, but should you get in trouble if you record somebody without their knowledge?  That’s what happened to an eighth grader in Rockland Count Georgia.

Jason Bigby received 5 days of in school suspension for videotaping a fight between 2 girls on the school bus with his cell phone.   A fight he wasn’t involved in. Jason said faculty confiscated his phone and told him he would have to sign the discipline report and delete the video to get the phone back. Jason was without a cell phone for days. Then got the media involved.

CBS Atlanta News contacted the school district, and within minutes the principal of Conyers Middle School contacted Jason's father, asked to meet with him and then returned the call. Samuel Dover said his son got his phone back after CBS Atlanta News started questioning the school district.

The principal also signed a form stating that the incident would be removed from Jason's disciplinary record. That said, the school district said that videotaping a fight in order to share it with others is damaging to the school climate and may encourage others to do the same thing..


Who knows, perhaps if kids thought they were going to be taped, they wouldn’t start fights. Then where would we be….