We're torn this morning as we discuss Joanne Jodry, a Neptune City woman who lost her hair during cancer treatment and was not allowed to use an old I.D. photo when renewing her driver's license.

What do you think of Jodry's story? Should the DMV have allowed her to use her license photo?

Aaron from Piscataway said although this woman's circumstances are unfortunate, we can't make exceptions to the rules every time someone goes through something rough.

Larry, a caller who said he's a friend of Jodry, said that while he's a little biased, he believes Jodry is in the right, and deserves a one-time exemption. "A license doesn't reflect what you look like at any given time, and government can be humane."

Tammy from Hunterdon County liked Larry's comment, and said she sympathizes with Jodry because her picture didn't reflect her actual appearance when she gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and had to stop dying her hair. "Out of vanity I couldn't wait to change that picture."

Samantha from Union County said that you can use your old license photo when you renew by mail, and a religious exception was made for a pastafarian in the past, so she doesn't see why Jodry has to change her image.

Jack of Hackettstown said the burden is on the woman if she doesn't wan to be bald in the picture; she could've worn a wig for the photo.

At what point do the exceptions we make take away from the point of having a license photo? Take our poll and continue the conversation by tweeting @nj1015 and @BillSpadea.

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