In light of the recent tragedy in Staten Island involving a young cop drinking and driving, Dennis and Judi are proposing a change in how New Jersey hires police officers.

Police Car Emergency - Credit- iStock

With the recent fatal accident in Staten Island involving two police officers--one of whom had previously gotten a DUI--there has been a lot of talk about the standards that we have for police officers in the state of New Jersey and what the government can do to ensure that our cops are held to the highest standards.

One of the ideas that Dennis and Judi proposed was to raise the minimum age for cops to the age of 30. The reasoning behind this had to do with maturity, experience, and ability to reason. They believe that cops should only be able to have a gun once they're old to enough to truly understand the impacts of their actions. They think 30 is the most appropriate age.

Though they admit that they would need to work out the kinks of the idea (maybe they could have "junior" cops that don't wield guns if they're under the age minimum), ultimately they think that these standards could help change the way that cops are trained and interact with the community.

Do you think this a good idea?