Talk about your TV shocker!  (SPOILER ALERT for events from Sunday's episode of "The Good Wife")

Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles, and Christine Baranski (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Will Gardner from the CBS drama “The Good Wife” was gunned down in court by a 21-year-old he was defending who was getting beat up in prison and losing it!

Josh Charles, who played the adversarial attorney and former lover of Juliana Margolies character Alicia Florek, made the decision himself to walk away from the show and only signed a deal to return for this season, or actually most of It.

It's just another twist in an exciting fifth season of the CBS which has seen Margolies' Alicia Florrick leave the firm and go toe-to-toe with Charles' Will over clients and possible voter fraud that led Peter Florrick back to the governor's office. The show will be back for a sixth season.

Charles will talk about the scene on Monday night with David Letterman.

No matter whose TV death shocked you the most, this one ranks right up there because we never saw it coming! What TV death shocked you the most?