I was walking down the cereal aisle the other day, and was, once again, hit by the seemingly boundless variety of breakfast cereals!

He's still "Sugar Bear," but its not called "Sugar Crisp" anymore! (Craig Allen photo).

Sugary..and "sugar-free..."

"Bag it...big time!" (Craig Allen photo).

Boxes and bags...

"Solitary Cereal?" Breakfast for one. (Craig Allen photo).

Single serving containers, and bulk packages!

Its "NEW" to me, too! (Craig Allen photo).

And, there's always something "NEW!" to tempt the cereal buyer...especially when the cereal is aimed towards...

Where is Squidward? (Craig Allen photo).


A smiling "Cap'N" and his "donuts," so kid-eye-level...see the floor? (Craig Allen photo).

It's no mistake that the flashiest cereals are at kids'-eye-level!

Note that this "Matterhorn of Raisin Bran" is well above eye-level! (Craig Allen photo).

And, at a time when "everything old is new again," or said another way: RETRO...this display grabbed my attention:

A stand alone, floor display of...Quisp! Welcome, childhood! (Craig Allen photo).

I remember "Quisp" and "Quake" when I was the (annoying) little kid food shopping with my mom...driving her crazy with all the cereals (and snack foods, too) that I just couldn't "live without."

Quisp first appeared on store shelves in 1965. It was marketed alongside Quake cereal.

Quisp is a baked paste of cornmeal and a sugary syrup, shaped like saucers. Quake was the same, but shaped like the letter Q. The taste was/is similar to Cap'N Crunch.

In the TV commercials, the outer space character "Quisp," and "Quake," an Australian miner, competed against each other for the kids' affection.

I remember a post card campaign, in which all members of the family could vote: Which character did they like better, Quisp or Quake?

I always voted for Quisp (the outer space guy was much cooler than the miner), as did my mom and siblings. When my dad would check the box labeled "I don't care" (in pencil), I'd quietly change his vote to Quisp...and I never told him...til...now.

After collecting the not-so-secret votes, I would have to ask for a stamp...as the candidates did not pay their own postage.

Quisp won...and Quake cereal was discontinued. Quisp remained on store shelves until the late 1970's.

Starting in 1985, Quaker Oats would sporadically bring Quisp back, through the rest of the 1980's...and the 1990's. In 2001, Quisp was re-launched as the first "internet cereal."  Yes, you would buy Quisp online!

So, it's fun to see "Quisp" in the grocery aisle every once in a while..especially, as I believe that post card "ballot" was the first time that I had "the vote..."  And, my favorite won!

Corn Flakes is one of the oldest, and first "mass produced" cereals. (Craig Allen photo).

So, what's your favorite cereal?

And, what is your favorite "long lost" cereal?

I'm partial to frosted wheat...the cereal that Mikey likes...the puffy cocoa stuff, and "tried and true" corn flakes (as seen above).

My grandmother made the BEST oatmeal...mine is good, but its not Grandma's... (Craig Allen photo).

And, in our cold weather, there's nothing like a warm, comforting bowl of oatmeal!

Oh...and Quisp!

"They're GR-R-REAT!" It would be wrong to ignore "Tony The Tiger!" (Craig Allen photo).