One of my Facebook friends told a story this week of how he was leaving Bobby's Burger Palace and getting into his car when he saw a guy come out of the restaurant wearing jeans, a button down shirt, sunglasses, and a pink hat. As he drove past he thought he looked incredibly like Bruce Springsteen. So much so that he turned back around and caught up to him while he was getting into a Land Rover. He called out, "You're Bruce Springsteen aren't you?"

Here's where it gets weird. He says the guy said no out loud but did it while nodding yes. He figured he did this because he didn't want to attract attention. Then my Facebook friend asked if he could get a quick picture with him and he said no, rolled up the window and drove away. Funny part is he says he wasn't that big a fan; he just wanted the picture to prove the chance encounter.

Brings up the question whenever you have been around a famous person were they kind and gracious or were they a jerk and standoffish? Everyone can have a bad day, everyone can have a moment where their privacy matters more at that time. Still, it doesn't sound like the Bruce stories we usually hear.

Being in this business I've had occasions where I met famous people. The strangest one is when I met the 70's, 80's singer Eddie Money. I was working in Detroit and Eddie Money stopped by the radio station. I first met him by the back door of the building where he graciously shook my hand as I introduced myself and told him what I did there, and he said, "Eddie. Nice to meet you."

No more than five minutes later in a different part of the building he saw me in a hallway and stopped to shake my hand saying, "Eddie. Nice to meet you." So I introduced myself all over again. And no, I hadn't done any wardrobe change in the short five minute span. Then ten more minutes went by and he stopped by my office door because he was looking for someone else and once again says, "Eddie. Nice to meet you." Then went on to ask who I was. Not a jerk at all. Extremely friendly guy. But the years of partying on the road of rock and roll really seemed to have left his mind scrambled.

If you ever met a famous person share the story in the comment section below.

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