One of my favorite burger chains, Shake Shack, is opening a store a little bit closer to me.

They already have three locations in the Garden State, two in Paramus and one in Bridgewater, but those aren’t exactly near by. The new one on Route 1 isn’t close to my home, either, but it’s close enough to the radio station to swing by on the way to work. When I did my burger tour a couple of years ago, I discovered some truly great burgers at places like Barnacle Bill’s in Rumson, the Shorefire Grille in Barnegat, and the Cassville Tavern in Jackson.

The Double Smoke Shack cheeseburger is as good as any of them. I had my first one at CitiField at a Mets game and I was hooked. I’ve been waiting ever since (going on three years, now) for them to expand further into New Jersey. I’m not optimistic about it opening anytime soon, though. They have to demolish the existing building and then build the Shake Shack from the ground up. I’ll keep you posted!

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