By Jeff Deminski

I found out about a disgusting website. It's a dating service called Just what it sounds like, it matches up older, affluent men with younger, hot women. There have certainly been other morally bankrupt dating sites, or at least hookup sites, before this. comes to mind, which specializes in facilitating sexual affairs between two married people, only not married to each other. The premise there is if both parties have something to lose by being found out, both will be discreet. This new one is clearly aimed at young gold diggers and guys who just want to get laid by a trophy. What does it say about either party when they sign up for such a service?

In the never ending world of marketing, is offering free divorces as a way to promote itself. Lucky us, Newark is one of four cities around the country where this is being done. The others are Sacramento, Phoenix, and Philadelphia. Average family law cost at $343 per hour in Newark is the second most expensive US city in which to get a divorce. So, not only is trying to match up young gold diggers with older guys who have too much money and testosterone on their hands, they're promoting divorce as a way to do it.

You have to submit in writing your reasons for wanting a divorce in a hundred words or less and three "lucky" winners will be chosen for the free divorce packages. Dozens have already signed up. More disturbing, this stupid website has 200,000 subscribers in New Jersey alone. Wow. Have we reached a new low?