I participated in market research yesterday at the mall..got paid 7 dollars..Found out that i couldve gotten 150$ if I had tested condoms..I think I made a bad financial decision..but on the other hand, I don't think I'd be a great condom tester.

Some New Jersey schools have said "NO" to Halloween Costumes in school..On the other hand, those that allow it have some senior girls dressing up as Victoria's Secret Models. As a result of this, Dennis has made the decision to repeat his HS senior year. He never really thought he got the hang of trigonometry, anyway.
Chain letters in email are annoying, true. But occasionally you gotta send one, particularly if they predict doom and destruction for your family if you don't. Dennis refused to continue the one I sent him. So for those of you who were looking forward to a chain letter to brighten up your otherwise dreary existence, remember, Dennis Malloy broke the chain. I'm sorry. (No doom & destruction forthcoming.)
We had the usual Monday Blahs today, but on the bright side, Dennis' Regis impersonation is really coming along..Not NY, Not Philadelphia, Not very compelling today.
Love you!