A new survey shows 1 in 5 smartphone users are "sexting," sending sexually explicit photos and videos of themselves to others.

The statistics are alarming.  Thirty-two percent of men ages 18 to 34 and 25 percent of women ages 35 to 44 are sexting, according to a survey by Lookout Mobile Security.

"The majority of the people engaging in this behavior are teens...they are impulsive, they aren't really thinking it through," said Dr. Steven Tobias, a Morristown psychologist.

Only three percent of those surveyed said they are concerned about losing their phone and having the pictures and videos exposed.

"They have no real thoughts about the consequences, they are living in the moment and that is the most dangerous part...that these images could become public, fall into the wrong hands, ruin your reputation, your career, etc," said Tobias.

He said parents need to be very clear about the dangers of sexting.

"You can't think that your child isn't doing it, because they probably are. Parents need to talk to their kids, express their disapproval and set limits for kids with their cell phones."