My sons Lennon and Albert are huge fans of the new Hawaii 5-0. CBS found gold with this reboot that has found a home on Friday nights behind Tom Selleck's hit show “Blue Bloods.”


Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

If you miss your favorite TV show from back in the day, take heart, you may get to see it recast and brought into the present as the networks have gone into a reboot frenzy.

Here are some of the shows that will soon be coming to the small screen, (unless of course you have a huge screen hanging on the wall)

CBS has announced plans to revamp “Charmed” the 90’s hit that starred Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs as a trio of witches.


Murder She Wrote, Octavia Spencer takes the reigns from Angela Lansbury in this NBC update.


Remington Steele- Ever wonder what happened to the daughter of Pierce Brosnam and Stefanie Zimbalist. She’s become a half hour NBC sitcom


Star Trek- Soon to be back on CBS as they have met with big screen reboot writer Robert Orci.


Fargo- This FX mini-series will use the Coen Brothers film as a springboard to tell a new story, but with Billy Bob Thornton and Sherlock’s Martin Freeman


Falcon Crest- The original stars say they have been approached by the writers about resurrecting  the series. It worked for Dallas on TNT.


"Love American Style"- This ABC series was where we first saw “Happy Days” we may see it on CBS


"Lifestyles Of  The Rich and Famous"- Only this time with Nick Cannon replacing Robin Leach


Which TV show would you like to see brought back?  Leave your picks below.