Remember, not too long ago we were saying that someday we would be able to hang an inch thick TV on the wall?  Twenty years ago could we have imagined asking a question into a hand-held device and receive a verbal answer?  This tech thing is going at warp speed.

Recently, at the annual World Wide Developer's Conference Apple introduced a new operating system it plans to introduce in the Fall.  It's the iOS 6.  If you own an iPAD, you will have lot's more functions with Siri which stands for Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface.  In other words, you verbally ask a question, and it will give instantly give you the answer.

If you're a sports fan and want a score while the game is in progress?  No problem.  Ask the device, "What's the score of the Yankee game?"  Bingo, it gives you the score in real time.  Player's stats, standings, you get that stuff too.

The capabilities for this App are endless.  If you want restaurant reservations or movie schedules, just about anything.  You get the idea.

Right now Apple is working with automakers to include Siri.  Pretty soon there will be a voice command button on the steering wheel.  Without taking you eyes off the road you'll be able to ask Siri a question.

And finally, for all you social networkers, Siri will be able to update your Facebook status, post a comment or send a tweet without typing a word.

Yes, tomorrow is now.