New Jersey is taking baby steps toward legalizing sports betting, and this morning Senator Ray Lesniak called in to give us an update on that journey.

"All legal experts, including me, predict we're ultimately going to win," said Lesniak on the battle to allow sports betting.

According to him, this victory will be a big financial boost for the Meadowlands and Monmouth County Race Track, but Atlantic City in particular will benefit by extending the average amount of time tourists spend in the seaside destination.

"The problem with Atlantic City is the average stay is less than eleven hours. That's why they're hurting," Lesniak said. However, he said that sports betting will be a new incentive for people to go for long weekends, go shopping, and rent rooms there.

When asked who's blocking the bill, Lesniak said Christie is supporting him, but Congress in general can't get anything done.

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