Popular political wisdom holds that the Legislative Democrats are scheming to put Governor Christie in the political corner by loudly clamoring for Same-sex Marriage and increased Minimum Wage. The governor is considered to be opposed to both. And so if he thwarts passage of either, he can be painted as being so far-Right a conservative that he is out of step with generally Liberal New Jersey Voters and thus compromised in a re-election try in 2013. Especially interesting in the new zeal of

Senate President Steve Sweeney for same-sex marriage. A year ago he was so cold to the issue that he abstained from voting one way or the other. But now he has experienced true metanoia, not unlike that of the legendary Saint Paul on the road to Damascus. Why?  Well, he says that as a Catholic he had been blinded by “religious hype”…presumably meaning Church Doctrine. Now the scales have fallen from his eyes.  But one can not help but wonder if there is a relation between Sweeneys conversion and  the formation of an exploratory committee for a run at the U S Senate. His new zeal for same-sex marriage would position him for support from the gay rights population.  Of that, I have a suspicion amounting nigh to conviction.