We talked at length yesterday about the pros and cons of allowing self-service stations in New Jersey. Following my show, State Senate President Steve Sweeney clashed with Dennis and Judi when Sweeney said he will reject any bill that lets people pump their own gas, shutting down the possibility of legal change completely.

Pumping gas at gas station (Photo by LorenzoPatoia, ThinkStock)

According to Sweeney, there's nothing wrong with keeping full-service the law, and no one's "clamoring" to pump their own gas during poor weather conditions. There are also more important issues to address, he said.

Supporters of self-serve gas stations say changing the state laws will allow people to move more quickly when they would otherwise have to wait for attendants, helping to eliminate backups at highly trafficked locations like Parkway rest stops. Others, like Democratic state Sen. Paul Sarlo, say allowing self-serve would ease the economic impact consumers face as legislators decide how to fund the Transportation Trust Fund.

Do you agree with Steve Sweeney’s decision not to put this issue up for a vote? Or should he allow the legislature to formally discuss bills related to the topic? Let us know where you stand by taking our poll and commenting below!