I never received as much negative reaction as I did when I wrote that we should be able to pump our own gas in New Jersey. People are passionately against it, especially since it's been so cold. Even when I suggested that there always be a mandated full service island. That's just being insensitive and inconsiderate to other peoples desires.

While you're sitting in line waiting for the attendant to get to you, there are islands of gas pumps that are also sitting there. These pumps are not only unable to serve you but unable to generate any extra revenue for the station owner. How much money is the orange cone bringing in? Opening up these self pumps can actually save you money as well.

If you want to sit and wait for the attendant fine, but why should those that want to get their gas and move on be forced to as well. I hate waiting in line. Thanks to self serve, I don't have to do it in stores or restaurants, why should I have to do it at the gas pumps?

Just like I wouldn't ask you to pump your own gas, you shouldn't demand that I have to stay in my car and wait. We've both got better things to do.

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