There's a certain desperation in finding out your favorite product has been discontinued. I remember standing with my wife at a McDonald's counter and asking for two orders of Chicken Selects only to be told, "We don't have any."

"What do you don't...have any?" I must have asked this in the way one would wake up and watch the morning news and say 'what do you mean...the nation's capital...isn't there anymore?"

"We don't have them now."

"Now as in you're temporarily out of them in the here and now or now as in they're gone and never coming back?"

"They're discontinued."

We walked out. Nothing else would do. Heartbreak.

Then there's my wife's favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Peanut Butter World. It's hard to find. Bill Doyle has become our supplier because it often pops up in his part of New Jersey but not ours. I feel like we're making some illicit drug drop when we do the bag hand off in the radio station's kitchen. She lives in fear Peanut Butter World is on it's way to the discontinued scrap pile. Heartbreak.

Take a look at this Buzzfeed video of various fast food items that have gone the way of the dinosaur and see how many you remember.

What discontinued fast food item do you miss? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.