The search continues in Manhattan and the Hudson Valley for Michael Karwan, the autistic 19-year-old from Marlboro who has been missing since late Tuesday

Michael Karwan (Twitter)

Marlboro Police posted on the Township Facebook page that Karwan is still missing and that local, state and federal agencies are all part of the search.

Port Authority Police and the FBI have joined the search following a sighting at the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan. The Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office tells News 4 New York Karwan was given directions to Marlboro, New York in the Hudson Valley, just over 100 miles north of his New Jersey home.

He was spotted at the Bridgeview Plaza shopping center in Highlands, New York according to a post on the Lloyd Police Facebook page.

Michael left home without his cell phone, money or medication. His facial hair grows in quickly according to his father Walter and he may now have a full beard.

Michael's autism is high functioning. According to WebMD. high functioning autistic people likely have average or above-average intelligence but slower social development while eager to interact with others may have difficulty doing so. Without his medication,

Walter is especially worried about his son since the weather is expected to turn colder tonight.  "His parents have told us he does take medication, and they're in fear if he does not take that it will be hard, difficult for him to function to a certain aspect and make decisions," Lt. Peter Pessullo told News 12 New Jersey. "They feel he may be confused."

Michael is described as a high-functioning autistic white male standing 6 feet tall, weighing 220 pounds with brown eyes and black hair. He is considered to be a missing endangered person.

Anyone sighting Michael should call NYPD's Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS, Lloyd, New York  Police 845.691.6102 or the Marlboro Township Police Department at 732-536-0100.