Is your child getting enough physical activity in school? As schools continue to push for more rigorous curriculum, they are leaving little to no time for gym class.

Nearly half of high school students across the nation surveyed in a recent Centers for Disease Control report in June said they had no phys-ed classes in an average week.

"This excellence in the classroom that we're striving for, which is certainly important, should not be done at the expense of physical activity" said Felicia Stoler, spokesperson with the American College of Sports Medicine.

"Children here in New Jersey and in other states across the country are not as competitive mentally and physically as other kids around the world, we lag behind big time" added Stoler.

Blame budget cuts, and pressure for high test scores.

"Physical education is getting cut out of many schools and we just don't want that for our children, where else are they supposed to learn how to love being physically active if not in school" said Stoler.

New Jersey's childhood obesity rate is among the highest in the nation.

"Students are getting lazy, becoming overweight and its a shame that more schools don't take gym classes and physical activity serious."