A planned protest which could clog Lakewood with hundreds of cars has been postponed for a day.


Lakewood school bus (TheLakewoodScoop.com)

Rabbi Yisroel Schenkolewski is still calling on the parents of private school students to drive their children to classes on Wednesday and Thursday to protest Lakewood's decision to end a nearly $4 million courtesy busing program for an estimated 8,100 students in September.

"We recognize the inconvenience that this will cause, however without bus transportation this will be the norm unless a better solution is found. There will be obvious delays because of the traffic, however we feel that the end will justify the means- and through our hishtadlus  a more viable option will come from it," Schenkolewski wrote in a letter to parents.

Courtesy busing is provided as a convenience for students who live within 2½ miles of their schools. The buses will continue on their normal routes on Wednesday and Thursday

State. Sen. Robert Singer along with representatives of the Ocean County Sheriff's Office, New Jersey State Police and Lakewood Police are meeting about how to handle the potential gridlock the protest will cause.

"We will be available to provide whatever resources Lakewood needs to respond to this," Chief John Farnkopf of the Ocean County Sheriff's Department told the Asbury Park Press.

Mike Yaple, a spokesman for the New Jersey Department of Education is hopeful of a compromise while a "fiscally responsible" solution is reached.


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