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11) School Bus Matron Abused by Students. Poll at

If you were the driver of the bus…what would you do?
a) pulled the bus over, locked the door, and told the kids, “now youse can’t leave”, thereby threatening your own job?
b) Pulled the bus over, call 911 and waited for the cops to arrive?
c) Kept driving and chalked it up to just another day transporting future criminals. After all, it’s not your job to get involved.
d) other

Alternate: What Would YOU DO? If you see a baby left in a hot car…know who committed a shooting, would you drop a dime on them?

12) Do you think it’s a dopey idea to have graduation ceremonies in the heat? Blog up at

1) Does the Legislature need to waste time on these? One is a bill to set aside a day to honor correction officers. The other is a resolution to call on MLB to retire Roberto Clemente’s number 21! Blog up at

Assembly Democrats Propose Property Tax Relief To Be Funded by Millionaires Tax – Would you like to see a millionaires tax in place to fund property tax relief? Blog up at

2) Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle at 2 with tickets to see Rock of Ages courtesy of Regal Cinemas!
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