The company that owns the school bus that careened into a storefront in Irvington Thursday has an abysmal failure rate.

Aerial view of the Irvington school bus crash (CBS New York)

The New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission's website for school bus inspection  shows that 96 percent of Bloomfield-based Horizon Link's buses failed their initial inspections. The bus involved with the accident passed its last inspection in May, according to ABC 7.

A call to Horizon Link for comment was unreturned.

Irvington Township Police Director Musa Malik told CBS New York that surveillance video prior to the accident shows the bus went through a red light before the accident.

PIX 11 obtained surveillance camera video of the collision, seen above. It shows the small bus speeding across Springfield Avenue into a building near Sanford Avenue.

Stephanie Bush-Brackett, a spokesperson for Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss, told New Jersey 101.5 the driver of the bus carrying 12 to 14 special needs students to Mount Carmel Guild Academy in West Orange reported that the brakes had failed on the bus.  She said the bus was not hired by the township, however, and Bush-Brackett had no comment on the safety inspection report.

The academy is a school affiliated with the Newark Diocese serving students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade on the autism spectrum.