By Jeff Deminski

Are your decisions ever swayed by an endorsement? From newspapers to unions, other politicians to celebrities. Here’s one that I would think will have the least impact of all time. Kerry Washington has come out in support of Barbara Buono for governor.

Who? Kerry Washington. She’s an actress from the show 'Scandal'. She also played Broomhilda in 'Django Unchained'. How that qualifies her to know better than us who to vote for I’m not sure. But here’s what takes the cake as they say. Surely the real reason she is supporting Barbara Bunono for governor has to be because her running mate for Lieutenant Governor is Milly Silva. Milly Silva is an old childhood friend of Kerry Washington.

Yeah I guess it’s safe to say we’d all like to see our old friends win an election and have nice things happen to them but that clearly is a biased endorsement. Welcome to the silly season.