If you receive an email about a legal settlement bearing the logo of the New Jersey Attorney General's Office, don't fall for it.  It's a fake. 

That's according to Attorney General Jeff Cheisa and the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs who are warning consumers about a fradulent mailing that bears the logo and seal of the Office of the Attorney General.  It invites consumers to apply for their share of the proceeds from a fictitious multimillion-dollar legal settlement.

The 11-page document entitled, "Notice of Remedy and Settlement of Class Action," was sent via email this week.  It entices victims to provide their social security numbers and bank information and is signed by Edward Thompson, a fictitious Attorney General.  Because the letter is so well-detailed, it makes it a dangerous scam.

"This letter represents an emerging scam in which con artists are using the names of government agencies, including the SEC, and now the New Jersey Attorney General's Office, in order to trick victims into opening themselves up to identity theft," said Chiesa.  "Anyone who receives a letter, email or phone call from someone who says you have won a prize or a legal settlement should be very cautious.  Never give your personal identifying information to anyone unless you know for certain the person or organization is legitimate."

Anyone who receives a similar document by letter or email is asked to call the Division of Consumer Affairs' Consumer Service Center Hotline at 800-242-5846 or 973-504-6200.